Stigma and discrimination

A woman in a wheelchair smiles in an office.

We’re working to tackle negative attitudes around disability to free people with disabilities from the stigma and discrimination they so often experience in their day-to-day lives.

Our approach

We’re gathering evidence and research on discrimination to support governments to increase actions towards social inclusion. We want to tackle negative attitudes around disabilities in all communities by challenging assumptions, addressing negative messaging and changing the cultural conversation through the voices of people with disabilities.

People in a discussion as part of Inclusive Futures research in Kenya.

How we are working

  • We’re supporting journalists and media partners in the development of content that is disability-positive, creating radio programmes written in collaboration with people with disabilities.
  • We’re creating thought-provoking radio dramas with a distinct focus on disability to challenge societal stigma and discrimination.
  • We’re developing youth radio programmes on different aspects of disability, and training young people with disabilities to actively contribute content and report on the issues that are important to them.
  • We’re working with journalists to challenge their own reporting standards and representation of people with disabilities in their daily work.

Where we’re working

  • Nigeria: creating radio dramas and thought-provoking media programming.
  • Tanzania: developing youth radio programming and training young people with disabilities as reporters.
  • Bangladesh: training journalists to write inclusively and training young people with disabilities as reporters.

Our work on COVID-19

Find out about our work in Nigeria, and how we are adapting our work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 in Nigeria


Miriam and Malick, young journalists with disabilities who were employed by the Niambie radio show.

Radio shows tackling stigma

In Depth focus on use of radio to tackle stigma and discrimination in Tanzania.

A women sitting on a balcony.

Our people

Senjuti Masud is a project manager at BBC Media Action and passionate about changing hearts and minds on disability.

Filming an interview with a man on the streets of Nigeria.

Our partners

BBC Media Action