What we do

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There are one billion people with disabilities living in the world – 15 per cent of the global population – and 80% of them live in low and middle income countries.

We’re pooling our collective expertise and working with disabled people’s organisations to create innovative solutions and remove key barriers that can prevent them from accessing education, health care and work.

How we’re working


Our work is guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

People with disabilities are at the heart of our approach

People with disabilities are at the heart of our approach, and together with them, we work closely with local partners to ensure their voices are heard every step of the way.

International Disability Alliance input across programmes

The International Disability Alliance is advising and working with Inclusive Futures partners in the ongoing development of our programmatic approach. We want to find the best approach that ensures people with disabilities, especially the most marginalised groups, are involved throughout the design and implementation of our programmes.

UN global goals

Our aims support many of the UN’s 17 global goals for a sustainable future.

What makes us different?

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Working to a huge scope and scale

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Recognising success and challenges

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Collaborating to break down barriers

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Creating lasting change