A woman checks a girl's eyes at an eye screening.

We’re working to make all health systems accessible so people with disabilities can get access to the health care they need, when and where they need it.

Read about our work in Nigeria, including our inclusive COVID-19 health response.

Our work in Nigeria

Our approach

Universal health coverage (UHC) is only possible within strong and integrated health systems so that everyone can get access to the health care they need without the risk of financial hardship. For UHC to be realised, health care services must be made available to everyone.

We’re working with governments to ensure everyone has access to free or affordable healthcare. Through collaboration with disabled people’s organisations, we’re training health workers and support staff in areas such as sign language and gender equality.

We’re promoting community-based mental health services and breaking down barriers which stop people from seeking healthcare.

How we are working

We’re piloting inclusive health approaches to improve quality and equity in access to services for women and men with disabilities. We’re specifically focusing on:

  • strengthening local eye health systems in Nigeria so they are inclusive and people with disabilities have much improved access to eye care
  • training health workers in Nepal to identify and provide quality sexual and reproductive health services to young people with disabilities who often have restricted access due to stigma and inaccessibility.

Where we are working

  • Nigeria: improving eye care services for people with disabilities.
  • Nepal: securing sexual and reproductive health rights for young people with disabilities.


A medic in protective overalls, mask and gloves takes the blood pressure of a woman in Bangladesh.

Partners involved

Humanity and Inclusion, Sightsavers

An accessibility audit is carried out.


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A woman gives a girl an eye test.

Humanity and Inclusion

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