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We’re building on the lived experiences of people with disabilities to generate innovation, learning and radical new approaches to inclusive development policy and practices and beyond.

Evidence and real-time learning are key in finding out what genuinely works. We’ll be regularly updating this page as we learn more about how to ensure people with disabilities are not left behind in work, healthcare or education, and tackle negative stereotyping and discrimination.

Our approach


We use and build on existing evidence, drawing on formal and informal sources and especially evidence from the lived experience of people with disabilities.

We generate new evidence by testing our programme approaches, reflecting, adapting and re-testing. We focus on qualitative questions to find out how and why things can work - or not work - in different contexts.

We share our evidence and learn with others, using participatory approaches to ensure we see every side of a story.

Latest News

  • Learning from COVID-19: the impact of the pandemic and how people with disabilities can be better supported.
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  • Updated Labour Market Assessments: How has COVID-19 impacted national economies and job opportunities for people with disabilities.
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  • The disability-confident employers’ toolkit: Practical guidance to foster inclusive workspaces.
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External sites

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Where we share our work

Our resources and learning will be shared through three main sites:

Source is an international online resource centre on disability and inclusion for the Global South. Source collects and categorises open access resources across the internet, from grey literature to peer review articles.

PENDA (Programme for Evidence to Inform Disability Action) is working with Inclusive Futures to evaluate which of our inclusion interventions have the greatest impact on the lives of people with disabilities. This work will be published on its Disability Evidence Portal.

Helpdesk on disability inclusion Inclusive Futures partner, Social Development Direct, runs the research and advice service for FCDO and the UK Government and its specific helpdesk on disability inclusion.

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Other sites of interest

Other reputable sources of information on disability inclusion include:

Disability evidence portal is an evidence-based knowledge platform managed by the London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine providing solutions, evidence and tools for strengthening decision-making within Disability-Inclusive Development.

Disability data portal is an open and collaborate resource developed by Inclusive Futures partner Leonard Cheshire, providing a snapshot of data globally available on people with disabilities in 40 countries.

Resources found on Source

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Labour market assessments

As part of Inclusive Futures formal employment programme (also known as Inclusion Works) rapid assessments of the Kenyan, Bangladeshi, Ugandan and Nigerian labour market assessments were commissioned in 2019 to understand how the labour market functions in each country within the context of disability.

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Tools supporting capacity building with DPOs

The following tools have been developed by Inclusive Futures partner ADD International, based on existing good practice in the development sector, to support capacity building with disabled people's organisations.

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Country situational analyses

Documents looking at the situation for people with disabilities across thematic areas, focusing on stigma, livelihoods, education and health, and formal employment.

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