The disability-confident employers’ toolkit

Practical guidance to make it easier for leaders, HR executives and property managers to foster inclusive workspaces.

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Take advantage of a portfolio of practical guides, checklists, case studies and resources which make it easier for any business to deliver the best practice we call ‘disability confidence’.

The disability-confident toolkit is grounded in best corporate practice and offers a complete, step by step, roadmap for business leaders, human resource executives and building property managers on how to foster inclusive workspaces.

As an open source toolkit, you can tailor it to fit your industry, workplace and country. Together we can build more inclusive societies for all.

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Disability-confident employers’ toolkit

Start your journey towards fostering more inclusive workspaces.

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How the disability-confident employers’ toolkit can support you

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Ensure all of your communications are accessible, guide your employees to understand inclusive working practices and access essential disability-inclusion legal briefings tailored to businesses in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria.

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HR professionals

Create equal opportunities and become more confident in recruiting employees with disabilities through our start to finish recruitment guidance and checklist. Learn when and how to make reasonable work place adjustments.

Property managers

Follow 10 steps to undertaking an accessibility audit of your workplace. From planning and training an audit team, to reporting and implementing improvements, diagrams and photographic examples make it simple.

Make your workplace inclusive

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Hear from businesses

Three people holding hands and smiling at the camera in Nigeria.

“This is fundamental to our business model: when we get things right for people with disabilities, we improve life for everybody.” Ashok Vaswani, Global Head of Consumer Banking and Payments at Barclays

“[The toolkit] was the missing piece that came at the right time and will certainly add value to many organisations as we ensure we don’t leave anyone behind.” Paul Kasimu, Chief Human Resources Officer at Safaricom

“The disability confident toolkit to me is a game changer in the process of hiring and employing and the whole process of having persons with disabilities in employment.” Eric Ngondi, United Disabled Persons of Kenya

“It's hardly rocket science. Imagine the impact on productivity if we refused to let any of our colleagues wear their glasses?” Julian Burnett, VP Global Markets at IBM (UK)

Who we are

We’re specialists and global leaders in disability and development from more than 20 international organisations.

We’re funded by UK aid and USAID and work with the public and private sectors, people with disabilities and the organisations representing them to ensure there are equal opportunities for everyone and a global future that’s disability inclusive.

Learn more about Inclusive Futures.

Hear from Nigerian businesses and job seekers with disabilities about their journey towards disability confidence in the workplace.