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Ulula is a global technology and analytics company which designs digital tools to monitor and improve labour conditions and mitigate human rights risks in global supply chains.

We work in sectors including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, electronics and construction to improve working conditions by sourcing insights directly from workers and communities. Using mobile phone technology, we connect organisations with their stakeholders to anonymously obtain feedback and create more transparent and responsible supply chains. So far, we’ve engaged more than 1.5 million stakeholders in more than 30 countries and more than 40 languages.

In Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures we will design and test a digital platform that will share labour rights information with workers in Coca-Cola Beverage Africa and East African Breweries Limited’s supply chains in Kenya. It will also allow them to raise and solve grievances with support from expert case handlers and local capacity builders.

We're involved in the consortium because…

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Mitigating human rights risks

"...we’re designing a digital solution that will share information with workers about their labour rights and enable them to raise complaints safely when their labour rights are violated."

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Accessible technology

"...by using multilingual and multichannel – online and offline – communication on mobile phones, our tools are designed to be accessible for all groups regardless of language, literacy level, location, or disability."

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"...as a digital solution, our programmes can be quickly scaled anywhere in the world. We’re hopeful that the solutions we develop as part of the programme could be adopted by other supply chains in and around the region."

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