Stories of organisational change: how our partners are putting disability inclusion into practice

November 2023

Inclusive Futures brings together international development and humanitarian aid organisations with varying experience in disability inclusion.

A key aim of the initiative is to improve how partners approach and practise disability inclusive programming.

BRAC, BBC Media Action and SDDirect joined Inclusive Futures as mainstream development organisations that did not specialise in disability programming. In this blog series, we capture what they have learned through collaborating with organisations of people with disabilities and other partners, and how they have adapted to be more inclusive.

A group of women in colourful dresses and headscarves are listening to someone speak. A woman in white is showing another woman a document in her hand.

Be inspired by our partners’ stories of organisational change

A woman in a wheelchair is reading a script. A man is acting beside her and there are microphones being held up next to them.

BBC Media Action

“Inclusive Futures has been a real catalyst for us. It gave us an opportunity to challenge our own assumptions, and to think about mainstreaming disability inclusion across all of our work.”
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A girl wearing a yellow headscarf is using a sewing machine.


“When we started work on Inclusive Futures, we needed to sensitise staff on disability inclusion, set targets, and put aside budget to support people with disabilities to take part in our projects.”
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A group of women and girls linking hands and smiling in a remote village in Uganda.


“Once we started to work on Inclusive Futures, there was a real feeling that if we were going to talk the talk, we had to walk the walk – we needed to step up what we were doing internally.”
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