Kenya Female Advisory Organization

Kenya Female Advisory Organisation's logo is a circle with their name KEFEADO above and the words gender concern below.

Kenya Female Advisory Organization (KEFEADO) promotes women’s rights and aims to eradicate gender disparities in education, health and work.

We advocate for rights and inclusion of women and young people at a local, national and international level, amplify the voices of journalists and human rights defenders, and influence community members’ attitudes and behaviour around gender equality and equity, gender-based violence, sexuality and human rights. 

As part of the USAID-funded Global Labor ProgramInclusive Futures we will use our expertise in gender, disability and labour markets to carry out a gender analysis of companies’ supply and distribution chains to inform activities across the programme. We will also use our experience of advocating at different levels to raise the issues of gender and social inclusion in labour markets.

We're involved in the consortium because…

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Gender and governance

"...we bring a vast experience in gender and governance, community organising, policy development and advocacy at a local, national, regional and international level."

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Economic empowerment

"...we will use our networks to enhance our knowledge on tax justice for women and people with disabilities. We will also use and build on the knowledge gained through our ongoing projects to support women farmers in other settings, advocating for better policies and financial investment."

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Gender and data

"...we will ensure the framing of gender and social inclusion in the programme is done through an intersectional approach. The gender data we generate will help to influence policy in the industries of the value chains, and ensure equal treatment in the labour market."

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