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The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a global research and learning organisation for equitable and sustainable change.

We’re working with all Inclusive Futures partners to establish, integrate, promote, and facilitate a participatory, inclusive and reflective approach to research, innovation and research uptake.  To support the programmes, we’re developing and communicating learning around participatory, innovative, and empowering research practices.

We're involved in the consortium because…

Peer research by Institute of development studies in Tanzania. Four children in school uniform sit on the floor and are writing on a large piece of paper, supervised by two adults.

Greater understanding

"... we enjoy working with children and adults with disabilities to understand their perspectives."

A group of people sitting round a table together in Uganda.

Helping people thrive

"...we can support people to be researchers themselves."

Four people sit around a table writing things on a large piece of paper.

Sharing learning

“...we love to share learning around participatory, innovative, and empowering research practices.”

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