Innovations for Poverty Action

We are a research and policy non-profit that creates and shares evidence, so decision-makers can reduce poverty.

In recent decades, trillions of dollars have been spent on programmes designed to reduce global poverty, but clear evidence on which programmes succeed is rare, and when evidence does exist, decision-makers often do not know about it. We bring together leading researchers and decision-makers to ensure that the evidence we create leads to tangible impact. Our research, over 20 years with more than 600 leading academics in 52 countries, has informed hundreds of successful programmes that now impact millions of individuals worldwide.

We are the technical lead for research within the USAID funded Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures. Our role will be to collect data and evaluate the programme’s impact – primarily on workers and producers, but also on consumers.

We're involved in the consortium because…

A close up of a woman and a child looking at the camera.

Research and evidence

"...we work with governments and other programmes to move households out of extreme poverty by creating economic opportunities. We have a growing body of research on identifying and scaling effective social protection programmes."

A women entrepeneur smiling next to bags of grain.

Inclusive economic growth

"...entrepreneurship and firm growth are important engines of inclusive economic growth and social development, providing jobs, goods and services, and the possibility to help people move out of poverty."

A woman farmer smiling and sorting through pods of peas.

Improving livelihoods for farmers

"...identifying ways to increase the productivity of farms is crucial to ensuring food security, increasing farmer income, and alleviating poverty in rural areas."

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