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Humanity & Inclusion (HI) work in situations of poverty, conflict and disaster alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their fundamental rights.

We are running activities in: Kenya, focusing on inclusive education (IE) and livelihoods; Nepal, working on inclusive education and stigma and discrimination. We are also hosting evidence created from the programme on Source – our open access online resource database on disability and inclusion.

Why we're involved in the consortium because ...

A girl writes on a whiteboard in a classroom.


…our inclusive education technical advisors provide specialist advice to support Inclusive Futures education projects in Kenya and Nepal. (Nepal, Copyright: Bas Bogaerts/ HI)

A man in a wheelchair sits at a desk.


...we disseminate Inclusive Futures' resources through our open access international online resource centre on disability and inclusion; ‘Source’. (Nepal, Copyright: Sara Goldberg/HI.

A shop owner serves a customer in his small shop in Kenya.

Supporting livelihoods

…we are continuing to work with our beneficiaries in Kenya on our livelihoods-focussed Inclusive Futures projects. (Kenya, Copyright: Patrick Meinhardt)

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