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Equal Rights Trust works in partnership to advance equality through law.

We are an international organisation with a mission to eliminate all forms of discrimination and ensure everyone can participate in society on an equal basis. We work in partnership with equality defenders – civil society organisations, lawyers and others who are committed to using the law to create an equal world. We provide these defenders with the technical, strategic and practical support they need to work for the adoption, enforcement and implementation of equality laws. We use our global legal expertise to deepen and expand people’s knowledge of equality law and its central importance in rights and development. 

As part of the USAID funded Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures, we will support organisations of people with disabilities (OPDs) and trade unions to engage with jobseekers, workers, businesses and governments on the right to non-discrimination in the workplace. Through a comprehensive programme of support, we will enable OPDs to identify necessary changes to improve the legal, policy and enforcement frameworks and to engage government and other stakeholders to secure reform. In parallel, we will also enable OPDs to inform workers about their rights and businesses about their legal duties. 

We're involved in the consortium because…

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Building legal expertise

"...we’ll provide training, guidance and legal support to trade unions OPDs to enable them to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities to work on an equal basis with others. Our approach is focused on partnership, collaboration and support, adapting to the needs of those on the frontline of the fight for equal rights."

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Protecting and upholding rights

"...through working with OPDs and trade unions to share information with workers, we’ll raise awareness of their right to equality in the workplace. Together, we will also provide practical guidance for businesses on how they can protect workers’ rights and meet their legal obligations."

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Advocacy and governance

"...we’ll support OPDs and trade unions to undertake research on the gaps, problems and inconsistencies in the legal frameworks. Together, we will establish a consultative process where all stakeholders can feed into and shape reforms to protect the right to non-discrimination, incentivise inclusion and penalise exclusion."

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