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Development Initiatives (DI) is an international development organisation that focuses on putting data-driven decision-making at the heart of poverty eradication.

High-quality disability data – when accessible and used effectively – can help communities, policymakers and local officials better understand and prioritise interventions that are vital for supporting people with disabilities and ensuring they are not left behind. We contribute to Inclusive Futures’ goal of improving the long-term economic empowerment and inclusion of people with disabilities in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda by assessing and improving the quality and use of disability data in these four target countries.

We're involved in the consortium because…

Three people look at posters on the street pinned up on a fence.


"…we can engage audiences with data."

A man stands against a wall covered in posters, charts and other writings.


"…we are specialists in data analysis."

Two men talk together in front of illustrated maps.

Working together

"…we are collaborative and experienced at working in partnership."

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