Central Organization of Trade Unions Kenya

COTU's logo is the Kenyan flag surrounded by a purple circle and two hands holding in the middle. The words around the edge of the circle read Central Organization of Trade Unions (Kenya), COTU (K) and reads all workers one voice, below.

The Central Organization of Trade Unions Kenya (COTU-K) works to protect and improve the rights and welfare of all workers – including people with disabilities.

As the umbrella body of 45 trade union member organisations in Kenya, we support our affiliated trade unions so they can represent their members and defend their rights. We support the education of workers on their labour rights and articulate their views at every level to advocate for better laws and policies.

Our role within the USAID funded Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures is to co-lead work with United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK) to build the skills and capacities of jobseekers, workers, employers and trade unions. We will also bring together our three parties with other social partners to review legislation, regulation and policies in relation to women and men with disabilities and their labour rights.

We're involved in the consortium because…

The Secretary General of COTU-K, Francis Atwoli at a press conference holding a strategy document with the title Covid-19 response and resilience (2021-25)

Protecting rights

"...on behalf of our trade union members we advocate for the rights of all workers to equal employment opportunities and decent work without discrimination. Decent work is a social justice issue because it leads to economic and personal empowerment."

A photo of COTU K's secretary general, Francis Atwoli in his office, signing a collective bargaining agreement with a tea sector employer representative. Both men are wearing suits.

Strong alliances

"...our alliances with government, the private sector, regional and international trade unions, and the International Labour Organization (ILO) will support the impact we can have as part of the Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures."

A lecture room with around 20 people wearing masks and watching an online presentation on disability rights on a TV screen.


"...we support the education of workers and jobseekers through skills training, growth and development and raising awareness about their labour rights."

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