We’re working towards a future that’s disability inclusive

A young person with a disability holds their hands up and is smiling.

Our work

Find out more about who we are and our projects in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda.

Three people wearing blue disposable overalls, blue hair nets and face masks stand in front of a hospital sign. One is wearing headphones, two are holding paper reports, and the third is holding a mearing device.


Our COVID-19 response programme proved that disability inclusion is possible. Our publications outline the impact of the pandemic and how we can all be more inclusive.

Peer research by Institute of development studies in Tanzania. Four children in school uniform sit on the floor and are writing on a large piece of paper, supervised by two adults.

Evidence and resources

Links to disability-inclusive resources and websites, including the disability-confident employers' toolkit and FCDO and Bond learning event.

A group of people work together on a large piece of paper.

In depth

Interviews and opinion for a deeper dive into disability and development. Listen to an interview about Inclusive Futures, read about the need for innovation and why COVID-19 responses were shocking.

A woman is interviewed on video in Nairobi, Kenya.

Reporting on global issues at a local level through regular audio updates

In a new series of reports, our citizen reporter in Kenya speaks to people across the country to discover views about disability.

Listen to our reports


Meet the people that are working for an inclusive future

Our people

What makes us different?

A woman with crossed arms, standing tall outside a building.

Scope and scale

From global to local, over a six year period, we’re bringing together experts and those with live experiences.

A man standing in a library.

Challenge and success

We’re piloting projects and being open about the challenges and successes we’ve faced along the way.

A man and women shake hands.


We’re working directly with disabled people’s organisations and non-government organisations.

A woman taking a book off of a shelf.

Lasting change

We’re on a journey together towards equality.