We’re working towards a future that’s disability inclusive

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Be inclusive

Explore evidence and resources to make global development more disability inclusive.

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We work with the public and private sectors, people with disabilities and the organisations representing them to ensure there are equal opportunities for everyone and a global future that’s disability inclusive.

More about what we do

Three people wearing blue disposable overalls, blue hair nets and face masks stand in front of a hospital sign. One is wearing headphones, two are holding paper reports, and the third is holding a mearing device.

COVID-19 reports

Our COVID-19 response programme proved that disability inclusion is possible. Our publications outline the impact of the pandemic and how we can all be more inclusive.

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In depth

News and opinions from Inclusive Futures on disability and development. Read about the need for innovation and why our technical expert was shocked by pandemic responses.

Peer research by Institute of development studies in Tanzania. Four children in school uniform sit on the floor and are writing on a large piece of paper, supervised by two adults.

Evidence and resources

Our programmes are developing evidence, research and resources as we learn what does and doesn't work to create equal opportunities for all people with disabilities.

Meet the people that are working for an inclusive future

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