What makes us different?

We’re specialists and global leaders in disability and development from 16 international organisations. We’re working together towards a future that’s disability inclusive.


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Scope and scale

From global to local, over a six year period, we're bringing together experts from 16 global organisations, disabled people's organisations and those with lived experiences across six countries to create lasting change.

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Recognising challenges and successes

We’re looking for robust evidence of what works to enable people with disabilities to go to school, find meaningful work, access quality healthcare and to do this without negative stereotyping or discrimination. We are piloting projects, analysing the results and being very open about the challenges and successes we’ve faced along the way.

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We’re working directly with disabled people’s organisations, non-government organisations, research institutes, educators, health providers and employers to break down barriers and show how people with disabilities should be included on an equal basis across all aspects of life. We’re pooling our collective expertise to create innovative solutions to make this a reality.

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Lasting change

With numerous projects across Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, our goal is that people with disabilities will simply be able to access the same quality education, health and work opportunities as everyone else.

We work across education, health care and employment

What we do