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Lucy is wearing a checked shirt, a black hat and spectacles.

Lucy Odwar: “Women with disabilities face many challenges”

Lucy is a director in the department of gender, social services and disability inclusion in Homabay County government. Through her work as part of the Homabay County Disability Forum, she supports the Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures.

August 2023
Esther holding a microphone in her hand, standing and talking. She's wearing a black dress

Esther Mkamori: “Women and girls with disabilities must be consulted and heard”

Esther Mkamori is head of programmes at United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK), the national umbrella organisation of people with disabilities.

July 2023
Lucy is wearing a colourful dress and holds a sign saying

Lucy Mulombii: “We believe in nothing for us without us”

Lucy is the chair of a women-led organisation of people with disabilities and chair of Kakamega County Disability Caucus in rural Kenya. She has also received support as part of our inclusive livelihoods project in Kenya.

July 2023
A woman on a wheelchair outdoors and smiling at the camera

Rajuna Singh: “There is a gap between policy and practice”

Rajuna is Humanity & Inclusion’s consultant for the Inclusive Futures inclusive education project in Nepal. She is a dedicated advocate for inclusive education using innovation and assistive technology.

March 2023
A man is standing side-on to the camera and wearing a white polo shirt with the Humanity and Inclusion logo.

Pralhad Gairapipli: “My role is to help raise awareness and create sustainable behaviour change”

Pralhad is Humanity & Inclusion's regional communications officer for India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. He is passionate about using communications to change negative stereotypes around disability.

January 2023
Lois Auta-Udonkanta.

Lois Auta-Udonkanta: “I see my disability as a bridge and not as a barricade”

Lois is the CEO of the Network of Women with Disabilities in Nigeria. She raises awareness about the rights of women and girls with disabilities so they are included in national policies.

November 2022
Joy Shu'aibu

Joy Shu'aibu: “I oversee different programmes in inclusive education, employment and health”

Joy Shu’aibu is director of programme operations for Sightsavers in Nigeria. She trained as a doctor, and now oversees programmes in inclusive education, employment and health.

November 2022
A black woman with short black hair wearing a colourful dress smiles at the camera.

Racheal Njiru: “One day, I hope we will not have to remind NGOs, donors and government to include persons with disabilities”

Racheal Njiru is a disability inclusive project manager working on the Inclusive Futures programme for Humanity & Inclusion.

August 2022
A man wearing a shirt stands and smiles, looking at a piece of paper on a table. Sat at the table are three women who are smiling.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown is global technical lead for economic empowerment at Sightsavers.

March 2022
A head and shoulders photograph of a woman with braided hair, smiling at the camera, and wearing a dark grey T-shirt

Essy Olang: “We need to ensure that the voices of women with and without disabilities are heard”

Essy Olang is a project officer for Kenya Female Advisory Organization working on the Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures.

March 2022
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