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Lois Auta-Udonkanta.

Lois Auta-Udonkanta

Lois Auta-Udonkanta is the CEO of the Network of Women with Disabilities in Nigeria. She explains what can be done to help remove the barriers women with disabilities face in accessing family planning services.

November 2022
Joy Shu'aibu

Joy Shu'aibu

Joy Shu’aibu is Director of programme operations for Sightsavers in Nigeria.

November 2022
A black woman with short black hair wearing a colourful dress smiles at the camera.

Racheal Njiru

Racheal Njiru is a disability inclusive project manager working on the Inclusive Futures programme for Humanity & Inclusion

August 2022
A man wearing a shirt stands and smiles, looking at a piece of paper on a table. Sat at the table are three women who are smiling.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown is global technical lead for economic empowerment at Sightsavers.

March 2022
A head and shoulders photograph of a woman with braided hair, smiling at the camera, and wearing a dark grey T-shirt

Essy Olang

Essy Olang is a project officer working on the Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures for Kenya Female Advisory Organization.

March 2022
Close-up headshot of a woman smiling at the camera with brown hair.

Ellen Bates-Jefferys

Ellen Bates-Jefferys is a research manager at Innovations for Poverty Action.

March 2022
A photo of John smiling at the camera, wearing a baseball cap and a beige jacket, sitting in front of a laptop.

John Wambua

John Wambua works in programme planning and communications at United Disabled Persons of Kenya.

March 2022
A head and shoulder photograph of a black woman, who wears glasses and her hair in a ponytail.

Easter Achieng

Easter Achieng is the executive director and programmes coordinator at Kenya Female Advisory Organization.

March 2022
A head and shoulders photograph of a woman with short black hair, smiling at the camera, and wearing and white and blue scarf

Alex Nguyen

Alex Nguyen is a programme manager at global technology and analytics company, Ulula.

March 2022
A man standing outside.

Eric Wakoko

Eric is an action learning facilitator in Uganda, working with the Institute of Development Studies, as part of the Inclusive Futures employment programme.

November 2020
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