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Maren Atieno, a sorghum farmer, attends to a cow on her farm

Gender equality and disability inclusion: what we've learned so far

Inclusive Futures partner KEFEADO has carried out research to understand how issues around gender and disability intersect to limit the participation of women and women with disabilities in the value chains of two large beverage companies in Kenya.

October 2022
A group of people standing together during a cocreation workshop in Kaduna, Nigeria

Improving access to family planning for people with disabilities

A new initiative under Inclusive Futures is improving access to family planning for people with disabilities in northern Nigeria.

September 2022
An eye doctor is pointing to a list of letters as a man in a wheelchair reads them out as part of an eye test.

What does behaviour change have to do with inclusion?

Inclusive Futures projects in Bangladesh and Nigeria are trialling different ways to tackle stigma and discrimination faced by people with disabilities.

August 2022
A group of young people with different disabilities are smiling at the camera and at each other and laughing

Covering disability in the media: why language matters

Liz Ombati, a disability rights advocate based in Kenya, explains why it’s time for the media to do more to accurately reflect the lived experience of people with disabilities.

June 2022
A white man in a stripy shirt participates with job seekers with disabilities in a research session in Nairobi, Kenya.

“This programme is nation-building”

An Inclusive Futures disability-inclusive employment pilot programme in Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh and Uganda has recently come to an end. Simon Brown, Sightsavers’ global technical lead on economic empowerment, looks at what we've learned.

June 2022
A journalist sits in a radio studio holding a script and talking into a microphone.

Five steps to shifting journalists’ – and the public's – attitudes to disability

Inclusive Futures partner BBC Media Action trained 150 journalists in Bangladesh to improve how people with disabilities are portrayed in the media. Here's their checklist to help change attitudes towards disability.

June 2022
Five men and women sit around a long table in a meeting room, engaging in a discussion.

Five cost-free ways to make your workplace disability-inclusive

Inclusion International shares tips on how to make your workplace disability-inclusive, from its latest toolkit on supporting people with intellectual disabilities at work.

June 2022
Ahaisibwe sits at her knitting machine.

Follow the money: how to track public spending on disability inclusion

Martha Bekele from Development Initiatives explains the challenges around budget tracking and offers recommendations on how governments can be more transparent.

June 2022
Four women and one man sit together around a table during a meeting. One of the women is writing notes on the large pad of paper that's in front of them.

Leave no one behind: what does data have to do with inclusion?

Development Initiatives shares learnings from its work training organisations of people with disabilities on how to collect, use and store high-quality data.

June 2022
Sandip sits smiling outside a building.

How schools in Nepal are including children with disabilities

As Inclusive Futures moves from testing innovations to delivering development programmes at scale, our inclusive education programme in Nepal is helping children with disabilities return to school.

April 2022
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