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Joan stands in front of a field of sorghum crops.

Labour Day 2023: promoting labour rights in Kenya

Every year on 1 May, the Central Organization of Trade Unions Kenya holds an event in Nairobi to raise awareness about labour issues and advocate for better laws to protect workers’ rights.

April 2023
A mother and her two sons are smiling and laughing.

How can building collaborative alliances support disability inclusion?

What we've learned in Inclusive Futures about building collaborative alliances with and between local authorities and organisations of people with disabilities to support disability inclusion.

March 2023
A man with a visual impairment is talking to other people with disabilities at an eye clinic in Nigeria.

A guide to building successful partnerships between INGOs and disability organisations

Inclusive Futures is committed to engaging people with disabilities in its programmes. But what does this term really mean, and what does it look like in practice?

January 2023

Why disability inclusion in sexual health is vital: the key messages

Access to and uptake of sexual and reproductive health for people with disabilities is one of the important milestones to reach the commitment to universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.

January 2023
A girl with a disability interacts with children without disabilities in her class.

Our work on inclusive early childhood development and education in Kenya

To celebrate World Children's Day, we take a closer look at our work on early childhood development and education in Kenya, and what makes it innovative.

November 2022
Jennifer Williams.

It’s time to ensure the rights of people with disabilities to sexual and reproductive health. Here’s where to start

One in five women has a disability, yet women and girls with disabilities have been consistently neglected in sexual health programmes.

November 2022
A graphic illustrating individual, environmental, attitudinal and institutional barriers.

Key barriers affecting access to and uptake of family planning for people with disabilities

The evidence base on family planning for women and girls with disabilities has grown rapidly over the past decade. However, there remain considerable gaps.

November 2022
Lucas, a farmer with a disability and a network hub manager stands in front of his shop. The writing on the shop says: “Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture East Africa. Atwendi Farmers Solution and Aggregation Centre.”

Using social network analysis to improve the working conditions of sorghum farmers in Kenya

As a partner in the USAID-funded Global Labor Program – Inclusive Futures in Kenya, LINC is exploring how farmers relate with others in the sorghum value chain.

October 2022
A woman farmer is photographed on her land holding farming tools and seeds.

Jane's story

Jane is a sorghum farmer from Rangwe in Homa Bay County, Kenya. She uses what she earns from sorghum farming to support her husband who is unwell and her seven children.

October 2022
Jane Akinyi is smiling at the camera and holding a basket of seeds.

International Day of Rural Women 2022: how we’re helping to transform the lives of women farmers

To celebrate International Rural Women's Day on 15 October, we are highlighting the stories of some of the women farmers we work with in rural western Kenya.

October 2022
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