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A man stands in a doorway. A woman who is holding a chicken looks at him.

Losing your income during COVID-19: how Inclusive Futures is supporting people with disabilities

Worldwide, many people with disabilities have lost part or all their income as a result of restrictions imposed to control COVID-19. Inclusive Futures is providing immediate relief and long-term support for people with disabilities.

November 2020
A woman with albinism is sat at a computer and looks at the camera.

Jobseekers with disabilities and COVID-19

When COVID-19 struck, many people with disabilities were already taking part in our Inclusive Futures formal employment programme. The pandemic has had a significant impact: some people have lost their jobs, while others fear the economic impact of COVID-19 will reduce their chances of getting work. Here they share their stories.

September 2020
Two women and a baby wear face masks in a house in Bangladesh.

Our disability-inclusive COVID-19 work around the world

Find out about our disability-inclusive COVID-19 work in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and supporting the UK government.

August 2020
Miriam and Malick, young journalists with disabilities who were employed by the Niambie radio show.

Changing views through radio

Stigma and discrimination are huge barriers that people with disabilities face. Changing people's mindsets is not easy - but a a three-month programme led by BBC Media Action found that leading by example is vital to create real, lasting change.

June 2020
A man and women shake hands.

Inclusive business recovery post COVID-19

The challenges for jobseekers with disabilities were complex before the economic impact of COVID-19. Now they not only have to overcome barriers of stigma and discrimination, but also convince businesses, which are struggling to stay afloat, that inclusion should still be a priority.

June 2020