In Bangladesh, we are working with partners to develop best approaches to inclusive education,  inclusive vocational training and a wide programme working with employers and jobseekers to match skills and experience to real jobs.

Our projects

  • Education Pre-primary and primary inclusive education
  • Work Working with employers and jobseekers for better longer term work prospects
  • Work Disability-inclusive vocational training
  • COVID-19 Disability-inclusive pandemic response and post-crisis recovery

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An outline map of Bangladesh

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Jobseekers with disabilities identified through mapping
Age of children we're supporting
Journalists trained on disability inclusive reporting

Who is involved?

Two women in Bangladesh communicating using hand gestures.

Country partner spotlight: Access Bangladesh

Access Bangladesh promotes equality for people with disabilities in all areas of life, from education and health care, through to training, employment and communication. The organisation is working with Inclusive Futures to identify and support job seekers with disabilities to find local and meaningful work.

A lady sitting in a wheelchair.

Our people

Mohua Paul is the co-founder of Access Bangladesh, a past Noble Peace Prize nominee and a lifelong inclusive advocate.